By Julie Simone

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2019-08-27
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 32min
  • Director: Julie Simone
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99


Sister filmmakers Julie Simone and Vicki Vlasic return to their Appalachian roots to film at the world's oldest Fiddler's Convention. With multiple generations jamming together, Fiddlin' is a love-letter to American roots and the uplifting power of music.


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    By I hat the alliance points
    I loved this flick. It was very relatable to me since I am a teenager and I also play music. It inspired me to be better and opened my eyes to possibilities. Would recommend this watch to anyone!

    By alabama1010
    The people are real, the stories are inspiring, and the music is uplifting! Such a great film! Definitely worth a watch!!
  • Fiddlin’ is a treasure not to be missed🎻

    By Dawnkey715
    Toe-tapping, awe inspiring, and a beautiful story and message for all ages!
  • Fiddlin is a must watch

    By mom4623
    You don’t want to miss this film! There is rich heritage, beautiful music and so much talent. You will get lost in the sites, sounds and people of Appalachia.
  • Truly awesome

    By parkerd99
    I was recently lucky enough to catch a showing of Fiddlin’ in Brooklyn and it was truly amazing! It’s a fascinating uncovering of the backbone of American music...and a unique glimpse into a historic piece of pure Americana. Would recommend to all! The awesome performances are also a plus
  • Fabulous!!!

    By Inailia
    Fiddlin is such an awe inspiring film! From the incredibly talented fiddlers to the gorgeous scenic shots of the Blue ridge Mountains. The amazing musicians and their stories are captivating. The rich and historic cultural depiction is heart warming and emotional. Fiddlin is a must see and you will be tapping your feet!
  • What a Moving Portrayal of a Living Piece of American History!

    By Abbiesmommie
    Warning: Spoilers Have you ever wished that you could claim the heritage of descending from the founding fathers of America? I left FIDDLIN' wishing I was one of the close-knit Semones family, whose daughters grew up in the area and attended the Fiddlers Convention in Galax, Virginia every summer. I wish I could share their sense of heritage which I sensed watching this glimpse of living history. The Semones sisters have truly invested their hearts in this film, as evident in the dignified portrayal of these beautiful people and their uniquely musical heritage. There were no professional actors, nevertheless the production and post-production staff created a well-done documentary that not only kept my interest, but also ignited my imagination and compassion for the hardships that go with living in an economically depressed area. My heart was captured by the humble, plain-spoken folks I met through their interviews. And the entertainment was truly extraordinary! I caught myself trying to figure out the footwork of swift flat-footing dancers, and the talent of even the youngest fiddler was jaw-dropping. I loved how some of the youth walked around introducing themselves and joining in friendly jam sessions with strangers. They have a quiet confidence rarely seen in kids these days. I was moved to tears to hear one musician talk of her discovery of her musical talent, which miraculous pulled her out of a manic-depressive life of darkness into a life of joy and new friendships with other musicians. The Fiddlers' culture and Galax lifestyle reflects a simplicity that eludes most Americans today. I drove wistfully away from the lovely Reeves Theatre & Cafe in Elkin NC, less than two hours' drive from my home. I felt that I had gone back in time. I look forward in time to my opportunity to attend in person the Galax Fiddlers Convention next summer, come hell or high water. Thank you to Vicki and Julie Semones for your very important contribution to American history. I do hope you plan to release this documentary publicly for purchase so that we can help you share this little bit of happiness even further abroad across America and beyond.
  • Outstanding!

    By kfufan
    Could watch this movie again and again! It inspires, entertains and reminds us to enjoy the simpler things in life! A must see!
  • I am Fiddlin's Number 1 Fan!!

    By JodieGirl18
    I watch a lot of documentaries and this one made me laugh, made me cry - in a good way - and more than anything, made me wanna get up and dance a jig!! I am sad I never learned to play an instrument! It's not too late!! I am inspired by this movie like no other!! It reminds me of being a little girl and going to my grandmother's in Comanche, Texas. What a feel good movie! I love the way these folks love each other. Legit. Authentic. Rocking good fun!!
  • Love it!

    By Moviefan816
    A must see film!