Last Seen Alive

Last Seen Alive

By Brian Goodman

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2022-06-03
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 35min
  • Director: Brian Goodman
  • Production Company: Voltage Pictures
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 779 Ratings


When Will Spann’s (Gerard Butler) soon-to-be ex-wife Lisa (Jaimie Alexander) mysteriously disappears during a stop at a gas station, a frantic Will engages the local Sheriff (Russell Hornsby) in an increasingly desperate attempt to find her.




  • Butler must have needed a paycheck

    By Thehalvers
    This story could have been told in 15 minutes. The rest was fluff. Has the Pandemic caused us consumers to suffer these B rated movies much longer?
  • Decent for What It Is

    By JB_Shorty85
    I am a huge Gerard Butler fan and while , yes, this isn’t his usual high action type of movie it was still well acted I thought and worth a watch. Editors could have done better with continuity, Gerry’s shirt goes from soaking with sweat to sweat free multiple times just in one scene let alone throughout the whole movie (to me those are easy things to make it more believable). The placement of the random flashbacks made no sense, that part of the story line also could have been done much better in my opinion.
  • D-List'd

    By Zkric1
    How- Can Gerrad Butler Go from a A-List Movie such as ( Hunter Killer ) To a mediocre Alabama housewife flick? I was honestly waiting for the General Lee to pop out of the woodworks!
  • Honestly… not good.

    By Caddisbug1994
    It was slow… awkwardly forces flashbacks at strange moments… Gerard’s accent is gone one minute and heavy the next… plot is insanely predictable…. I wanted to like this (watched it for free on Netflix)… it is so bad, I had to come here and make sure no one wastes their money and time on it. It is pretty bad. I love Gerard and his action films but this is a stinker.
  • Last seen alive

    By Chul Woo
    I watched this movie. This movie is a good movie to watch. I like this movie. I just paid $0.99 for this movie.
  • Not bad but predictable

    By mocki one
    I couldn’t get over the makeup job on the main female character the first scene but if you’ve ever had a screwed up group of people in your town well this script gives you all the ambiance of that life style . A good movie for you at risk pre teens to watch if you wanna show them the downside of unethical people I suppose.
  • Ok - should be a Netflix show

    By Sonestacy
    It was ok. Seems more like a Netflix suspense/drama than what you’d see in the movie theater. Enjoyed it once but I wouldn’t buy it.
  • Suspense at its Best

    By memebras
    All a thriller should be, combining maximum adventure with maximum plausibility. Rises to a crescendo of excitement with superb action scenes. Great thriller suspense movie.
  • Great movie

    By Jonnnnnnny123456
    Loved this movie! It was great made sense had realistic action nothing to crazy in the amount of cgi or anything worth the money to own
  • So-so

    By KristyKF
    Not a complete waste of time. Action was ok, story was ok. Not a must watch but if you just need a movie it works.