Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite

By Jared Hess

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2004-12-21
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 34min
  • Director: Jared Hess
  • Production Company: Access Films
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 1,797 Ratings


From the rural town of Preston, Idaho, comes Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder). With a red 'fro, his moon boots, and illegal government ninja moves, he is a new kind of hero. His family consists of fragile brother Kip (Aaron Ruell), who's seeking his soulmate in online chat rooms; Uncle Rico (Jon Gries), who is stuck in his "glory" days of high school football; and Grandma (Sandy Martin), who enjoys going out to the dunes on her quad-runner. Napoleon spends his days drawing magical beasts, working on his computer hacking skills to impress the chicks, and begrudgingly feeding his Grandma's pet llama. When his friend Pedro (Efren Ramirez) decides to run for class president, it is Napoleon to the rescue to help him triumph over adversity.





    By lstud003
    This film is an absolute PIECE OF S#!+ because it’s listed as a Comedy but there IS NO HUMOR AT ALL in this film!!! The ONLY Good statement that I have about this film is that I was able to buy it, on Sale, for $4.99 even though it’s not even worth a 99 cent rental.
  • Grate movie

    By spidermania21
    Napoleon dynamite was a good comedy. He had some funny parts and that’s all.
  • Comedy?

    By OtakufromAZ
    I suppose humor is subjective, but I fail to see why this is a comedy, though I cant think of any other genre this would fit into.
  • Stupid but it works

    By mr.yugo
    I just freaking love this movie I was crying when it was over this movie is just a all time classic (vote for Pedro he offers his protection)
  • Allen

    By allen69420
    Awesome movie true classic timeless
  • ...

    By Teaghanbear
    “Your mom goes to college” “Pedro offers you his protection” “There’s like a ton of gangs at this school, one of them asked me to join because I’m pretty good with a bow staff” Those are just a few of the best quotes, if those weren’t funny to you then this movie isn’t for you
  • Didn’t like it when I was younger, but now that I’m 35 I absolutely love it!

    By sfrs322
    Now that I’m older, I can see the genius behind this movie! I now see that Uncle Rico is wanting to go back because everything in the past is better! The humor, the comedy the writing and the art style is sublime! Five stars all the way! I love this movie!
  • Great comedy!!

    By Cc77🚀
    By far the most hilarious PG comedy ever made!!
  • “The most unique movie to date”

    By mitch from downtown
    Now I’ve seen many movies in my time. Some of them stand out from the rest and others are movies that haven’t even been mention in watch mojo. But I think we can all agree that this is The most unique movie to date. I don’t think there is even a film that can compare exactly to the amount of weirdness and humor that this movie achieves. Thank you 2004 for such a instant classic.
  • Amazing

    By bradbcoaster5