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  • The worst season..

    By Serious the Kat..
    The war where no characters die. Plenty of cheesy 80s styled action sequences. More assinine monologues. Horrible script writing and production values. This is probably the worst season out of the entire TWD series. You understand why certain actors begin to make plans for a exit. The Wrath is perhaps the dumbest season finale. Thank you Mr Gimple for nearly destroying this franchise with your hippie idealism and 80s alcalades. Skip season 8..
  • Incredible

    By old music is awesome
    Carl’s death wasn’t the greatest decision but it was a fantastic season! You people are wrong about this season. Pure action and tension between the wrath of Negan and Rick Grimes. Buy it!!
  • Awesome!!!

    By Redzboiii
    Such a great show!!!
  • Ham

    By hamad_fahad
    It was good but Carl 😢
  • Doesn’t even worth

    By Amr !199¡
    The story is too weak and every thing is just so obvious. There for the TV show doesn’t even worth to West your time.
  • Release wrath already!

    By Umphlettee
    Release it cmon
  • Overpriced!

    By yo_gibby
    Apple are screwing people charging this much for 16 episodes!!!
  • JUNK

    By Prophet Amos
    Please put this Show to bed. It is simply too silly to watch now, and truly laughable with the forced romance between Rick and Michonne. Save your money, and watch the Vikings instead - the first 3 Seasons are the best.
  • What What

    By Fleming A.
    Simply the best!!!
  • Time to wrap it up

    By MusicFreak82
    I used to love this show but it killed off too many main characters and it’s extremely choppy with the episodes where it only shows a few of its characters at a time. I can’t believe their trying to figure out what happened to the ratings. Pretty obvious to a simple person like me.