North South East West

North South East West

Forum Snowboards

  • Genre: Sports
  • Release Date: 2007-11-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 1.99


Follow along as Forum and Foursquare riders Peter Line, Eddie Wall, Jake Blauvelt, Pat Moore, and Jake Welch explore snowboarding in four geographically distinct locations. Set to an exclusive soundtrack by Dim Mak records, this is North South East West, not a storm of hype, just the straightforward enjoyment of riding with your friends. It's the purity of travel, exploration, and doing the things you love.


Title Time Price
1 North South East West 29:30 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes



  • better movies

    By yeaaaahhhh!
    This movie is pretty sweet but it can get boring after a while. I think the best snowboarding movie is Apples & Oranges. Look it up on some online snowboard store.

    By Burtakiss
    Please listen to me and save your money. I have bought every Forum video available on itunes and i assure you this film is nothing but lame footage. Forum Or Against Em FTMFW!
  • not all that interesting

    By BooSTi
    not to hate, but it could have been better
  • 60 minutes

    By Mack4Fun
    today (3/23) on the show 60 minutes. svelbard, one of the locations in this video was visited because the "dooms day vault," which holds all the essential things to humanity is located near the small town that is most depicted in this snowboarding video. both this video and the 60 minutges episode is interesting. check it out.
  • Good video -- gets you pumped!

    By jemape11emegan
    Downloaded this video to watch on my way to the first session of the season (which is usually much later here on the eastcoast/midatlantic, bah!), gets you pumped, makes east coast boarders very envious for some fresh powder and big air!
  • Its straight

    By Mavrockk
    yeah i bought fyi too, i was a little dissapointed that they kinda overlap.... the have some of the same footage... i thought it was pretty sick though.... if you had to pick btw this and fyi Get this video...!
  • Same as FYI

    By numberjuan2
    The video is good but it's basically the same thing as FYI which is also for sale at the itunes store. Most of the rider footage was the same but they added in a bit more of a story line to this one. Buy one but not both videos. The motion graphics on NSEW make it a little better.
  • wow wow wow

    By SCRUBER69
    this guys r sick. i wish i could travel with them and do some of the stuff their doing. itunes needs more of this!!

    By doornob
    this film is amazingly deep and will hit your sweet spot
  • u can do better

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