The 10th Kingdom

The 10th Kingdom

The 10th Kingdom

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2000-02-27
  • Episodes: 5
  • iTunes Price: USD 5.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99
From 227 Ratings


At the edge of the mortal world lies a mystical vortex which leads to the Nine Kingdoms, a fantastic land where fairy tales are reinvented... and not with happily-ever-after results! When an evil queen dooms Prince Wendell to life as a dog, his quest to recapture the throne leads him through a portal to the mythical Tenth Kingdom... Central Park, New York City. With the help of ordinary mortals Virginia & Tony, they battle evil in a parallel universe of vile trolls goblins and every fairy tale character imaginable. Experience the original cult classic that's entertained audiences for over 15 years!


Title Time Price
1 The 10th Kingdom - Part One 1:29:29 Season Only Buy on iTunes
2 The 10th Kingdom - Part Two 1:28:20 Season Only Buy on iTunes
3 The 10th Kingdom - Part Three 1:29:03 Season Only Buy on iTunes
4 The 10th Kingdom - Part Four 1:28:18 Season Only Buy on iTunes
5 The 10th Kingdom - Part Five 1:28:10 Season Only Buy on iTunes



  • Wonderful, long-lasting classic!

    By Ohhell
    fairy tales, humor, pop culture references, mystery, adventure, romance and thrills! The predecessor to Once Upon a Time, and all other modern-day fairy tale shows. It has great acting and at $10 ($6 for SD) you can’t go wrong.
  • Love this

    By tkeene
    I have been waiting to find this and it was only 5.00
  • Amazing!

    By Movie Critic 1
    This is one thing from my childhood I will never forget. I remember loving the show, but forgetting its name and struggling for ages to find it again. I'm so glad I finally found what it was called and rediscovered the show, as the story is absolutely captivating! You'll enjoy this mini-series, I give you my solemn wolf word. 😉

    By fey 2
    SO GOOD …fun for the whole family…lots of laughs and a new way to revisit fairy tails so much better than Once upon a Time…enjoy..!!!!a keeper ..we must have watched each episode a "million " times …discovered this years ago ….have fun !!!
  • Best Fantasy Movie!!!

    By Music,Rhythm,Lover
    I watched it on tv when it first came out! This is the best fantasy movie out there. The graphics are so real! I love this movie! Can't get enough! The only complaint I have, is that House Of Wolves never came out.
  • Amazing Mini-series for only $7.99?!?

    By CrazyBunni
    Oh my goodness, can you say steal? This mini-series is an amazing story of a girl who is trying to find her self, regain lost family members and finding love! It has everything from thrilling characters to romantic scenery! You will not be disappointed in this series! Amazing!
  • I'm singing like the ring!

    By Lvnvarlene
    I'm so glad this movie has finally come to iTunes! Downloading as we speak. Great cast and wonderful storyline, encompassing a variety of fairy tales and nursery rhymes.
  • "Not brushing, poor diet, and bad fairies"

    By Weyland-Yutani
    The predecessor of "Once Upon a Time" and all the smarty-pants fairy tale shows, this is a great, well-paced miniseries that you will wish had a sequel.
  • One of the best TV miniseries finally on iTunes

    By jadetorchwood
    The 10th Kingdom has been one of my favorite fantasy movies ever since I watched in the 5th grade. It loved it long before I became a fan of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. The 10th Kingdom is about 20 year-old Virginia and her father, Tony, visiting the magical realm of the 9 Kingdoms through a magical mirror. While there, they help the grandson of Snow White and prince of the 4th Kingdom, Wendell, who was turned into a dog by his evil stepmother. They are joined by the handsome and lovable Wolf. The miniseries does a wonderful take on the fairy tales that we grew up with. The 10th Kingdom has beautiful music, scenery, and special effects. The miniseries has a great cast as well like John Larroquette, Ann-Margeret, Scott Cohen, Diane Wiest, Ed O'Neill, Camryn Manheim, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and Rutger Hauer. I highly recommend the 10th Kingdom to fans of Grimm and Once Upon a Time.
  • Huff Puff! It's finally here!

    By Rebecita
    I love this mini series!