The World Wars

The World Wars

The World Wars

  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Release Date: 2014-05-26
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 4
  • iTunes Price: USD 17.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 19.99
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Adolf Hitler. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Benito Mussolini. Winston Churchill. Charles de Gaulle. George Patton. Before they were the giants of WWII, they were infantrymen and administrators in WWI, the “war to end all wars.” The World Wars™ from HISTORY® and H2® brings you the story of the devastating three decades of 20th-century world war through the eyes of the men whose characters were forged in the trenches before they commanded a world on the brink of disaster. See how, from Ypres and the Somme to the Battle of the Bulge and the invasion of Normandy, the iconic figures of WWII became synonymous with either battlefield glory or murderous fascism.


Title Time Price
1 Trial By Fire 1:28:51 USD 8.99 Buy on iTunes
2 A Rising Threat 1:28:50 USD 8.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Never Surrender 1:28:49 USD 8.99 Buy on iTunes
4 The World Wars Mini-Series Sneak Peek 02:00 Free Buy on iTunes



  • Atrocious.

    By gawkedat
    Horrible production values, filled with inaccuracies and not one shred of new light on the subject of the men they are supposed to me analyzing. Even $6.99 is too much for this garbage. It's a shame that the commentary from such great talent is utterly wasted.
  • The dumbing down of America continues...

    By Stonewulf
    This is one of the sorriest excuses for a hisgory documentary I have seen in years. I almost believe the producers just told some interns to go get them stock footage of battles and they just used whatever they found. For example, they use footage of AMERICAN bombers during the Battle of Britain. Also, they implied the plan for Midway was Roosevelt's. Even worse is this "great man" notion that history is decide by a very few individuals and everytone elkse is just along for the ride. Seriously, I could have accepted little details like the wrong equipment, but this show is abysmal. They should be forced to refer to themselves as The "History" Channel after this debacle.
  • Tigers and Red Wings Fan

    By Detroit Red Wings Fan!
    I gave it 3 out of 5 because of a couple reasons. (1) The price is worth it. (2) some of the comments on here a very true. There are historical inaccuracies. It was also kinda rushed. I'd recommend this to a person who enjoys History..and mostly it would be a good show to watch for a high schooler, who is interested in history, war and a starter film. There's a lot more to these stories that you can find in other documentaries on iTunes.
  • Rivetting

    By Hewitt870
    Informative and engaging.
  • Embarrassing

    By Betty3B
    Some very nice period scenes enacted throughout, but this is terribly written and poorly conceived. Really a shame so much effort and expense was waisted turning a fascinating and hugely important story into superficial nonsense. Insulting to the intelligence of even young viewers, it’s shot through with errors of fact and a poor grasp of the subject. What a sad waste of a great opportunity to breath life into history. Instead we are left with idiotic mis-infotainment.
  • Spectacular! Stellar acting and photography.

    By Zeppo and Billy
    There are a lot of reviews on here about the historical inaccuracy of these films and they’re right. This is by no means the full story. Not even close. That said, what is shown is done very well. This is not your typical History Channel documentary. The production is superb and the acting is incredibly well executed. Very high marks for a visual and narrative experience. If you want total and perfect historical accuracy then I suggest reading one of the many history books available at your library. If you want a stunning visual trip through parts of the World Wars and a glimpse into some of what made the men who were in control or out of control for that matter, then purchase these films. Grab some popcorn and enjoy.
  • Overpriced and misleading

    By badeswine
    Bought the “season” for about $25 with the idea that it was going to be a series; meaning not just 4 episodes. Very disappointed to learn that 4 episodes now constitute a “season”. Not the most historically accurate production ever, either.
  • Wars

    By El Valdo
    I love these series can't stop watching them
  • Fun at times but errors ruined it

    By Cimmerian2
    Churchill giving a 1940 speech 1-2 years early. Stalin was the whole Russian revolution, no Lenin. So many more. Get a college sophomore history major on staff and it would be MUCH better. Pathetic from The History Channel.
  • disappointing

    By e.b.harding
    Glossed over WWI and gave all the credit to Patton & McArthur did a disservice to all who gave their lives during that horrible war. did not bother watching the rest of the episodes. If you want to learn about WWI, watch the ‘The Great War” hard to find though