Star Wars Rebels, Spark of Rebellion

Star Wars Rebels, Spark of Rebellion

Star Wars Rebels, Spark of Rebellion

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2014-09-29
  • Advisory Rating: TV-Y7
  • Episodes: 7
  • iTunes Price: USD 3.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 4.99


While the crew of the Ghost is on a mission to help innocent citizens of the Outer Rim planet of Lothal, street orphan Ezra inadvertently interferes and is forced to escape aboard the Ghost in order to survive the Imperial pursuit. The boy is surprised to find that this crew consists of freedom fighters, and their next assignment has them determined to free Wookiee prisoners destined for an Imperial slave labor camp. Without time to return Ezra to Lothal, the crew embarks on daring mission to save the Wookiees. After their heroic adventure, Ezra must choose whether to return home or join the rebel crew and learn the ways of the Jedi.


Title Time Price
1 Spark of Rebellion 44:17 Season Only Buy on iTunes
2 Meet Ezra, the Street-Smart Hero 02:26 Season Only Buy on iTunes
3 Meet Kanan, the Cowboy Jedi 02:27 Season Only Buy on iTunes
4 Meet Chopper, Grumpy Astromech Droid 02:34 Season Only Buy on iTunes
5 Meet Hera, the Pilot 02:00 Season Only Buy on iTunes
6 Meet Zeb, the Muscle 02:55 Season Only Buy on iTunes
7 Meet Sabine, the Explosive Artist 01:58 Season Only Buy on iTunes


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  • 😕😕😕😕

    By Buzcut89
    Why isn't this episode with Season One?
  • Stuuf

    By Srhjkg
  • Needs Wedge Antilles and Garven Dreis

    By JohnnyReb1996
    Good show but I think someone from the ghost crew needs to be killed. I recommend Sabine. Sabine is fun and all with explosives and empire knowledge, but I think it would be more dramatic and epic if she was killed. Kanan, Ahsoka, and Rex are my favorites. I don't want them to die yet. (They should die before the show is over though.) Yes so Sabine I say is the most likely one to be killed. Kill Sabine off and replace her with Garven Dreis and Wedge. Also she should've been dead long ago when she was shot 3 times in siege of lothal. I guess she pulled a Finn.
  • This is vital to the series....

    By JackTDean
    Why is everyone giving a bad review? Sure it's a little pricy but this episode is VITAL to the series understanding and what a GREAT episode it was. I am loving this series and can not wait to see more.
  • 5 Stars for Rebels-Minus 1 For iTunes

    By Reviews From A Hobo
    THE FACTS—Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion is a great pilot to the animated TV series! It is made by Dave Filoni and his crew at Lucasfilm (the same folks who made The Clone Wars) along with Simon Kinberg and Greg Weisman. Star Wars Rebels airs on Disney XD on Monday nights. THE STORY—This pilot follows a 14 year old con artist named Ezra Bridger living on the backwater planet of Lothal during the reign of the tyrannical Galactic Empire. After a series of events Ezra meets the crew of the starship Ghost, who take him under their wing. He discovers he has the Force, and Kanan Jarrus, the former Jedi and leader of this crew, decides to help hone his abilities as a Jedi, in hopes of one day restoring peace to the Galaxy. MY 2 CENTS—I know that many people have been disliking this show, due to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars cancellation, and the fact that the animation of this show seems "Disneyfied". True, the animation pales in comparison to the final seasons of The Clone Wars, but this is just the beginning of the show and I'm sure it will get better. That having been said, this is a great start to what has so far been a great series! If your a Star Wars fan or just looking for some classic fast-paced entertainment, I highly recommend this—child or adult! P.S. Although I love this pilot, I am disappointed that iTunes or Disney or whoever decided that Spark of Rebellion should be billed as a movie with a movie price—it's only 43 min.
  • sweet

    By Maddy7-7
    you have to buy all of the other episodes separately, and all together for a fair price. But this is the pilot and a few shorts - worth it tho :)
  • Good

    By Barashin Mokushi
    Good movie. If iTunes now brings back The Clone Wars movie maybe they can do something like a T.V. Season movie bundle, or something like that.
  • The story line great.

    By Swcarr21
    The hole season WOW great work guys. can’t wait for the next season.
  • Disappointed

    By Emerald360
    I am very displeased at the outcome of my seven dollars. I demand a refund! iTunes let me down having this in seasons. There was only one actual episode to the season. I feel that they weren't being honest to get us to buy this.
  • Love it!!!!!!

    By S/E/Rebel
    So happy they gave a fresh new look on how the Rebels started!!!!! Go Rebels!! And great choices for the voices of Ezra, Kanan, Hera, and Zebb.