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  • Terrible

    By Tim Gale
    Episode after episode it drags on with just enough momentum to keep you interested, The narrator repeats the same lines over and over again. I held out hoping to be rewarded for my patience but was woefully disappointed in the end. TERRIBLE :-(
  • the curse of nope island

    By Los Angler
    NOTHING happens
  • Wow!?!?

    By perrybob
    Like the show and the story that's coming together. Lot of repurposed footage from other shows. Lots of the same "experts".( Grail in America and others). The show is moving painfully slow now and they're taking there sweet arss time putting the new episodes out on iTunes and the History web site. Must not be much to it after season 2 episode 7.
  • Interesting

    By Lauren_in_NorCal
    I’m really digging this show…haha. I love the history and mystery behind the legend. Any word on Season 3 yet?
  • Episode 8

    By Espenthemandragon
    Wake up iTunes? Where is episode 8? I bought the whole season, can you please give me what i payed for?
  • Templars...really?

    By LovedMy][+
    Ok, this was a decent, though too drawn out, show - fun to watch in the background. But the whole Templar offshoot just doesn't remotely hold water - it lost any and all credibility by giving every nut with a theory a soapbox. I guess I shouldn't expect more from the 'aliens and ghost' channel these days, but still, a disappointment.
  • Bad

    By Kyles ipad12345678901
    These fools are supposedly looking for buried treasure but they have had a backhoe out only once... Lol smh lol. Neat story just don't expect much to happen.
  • Templar's missing firday 13th gold

    By webguy4u
    Fascinating! I expect the brothers to finally find the gold, and other artifacts from Solomons temple, that the Templars hid from the King of France when he outlawed the group on Oct. Friday the 13th, 1307.
  • Mostly repurposed footage

    By Litto
    Oak Island is a compelling story, but you can tell they make little to no progress every twist and turn is excruciatingly drawn out and rehashed before and after every single commercial break. After an entire season of awkward reaction edits and stilted brotherly horseplay at the beach they found absolutely nothing of real archeological significance or value. So expect the same for season 2.