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  • Goated

    By Jesean mays
  • long stupid unfunny story

    By ncartoon.com
    long stupid unfunny story. im talking about episode 1
  • Some awful episodes this season

    By Fletch F. Fletch
    While there are a couple really funny episodes this season, there are a disproportionate number of flat out obnoxious ones too. This is the season with that pointless plot of killing and resurrecting Brian and the unfortunate beginning of routinely trashing Cleveland and his show. The family trip to Italy is amusing as is Peter’s team up with Quagmire as a folk duo, but a lot here is either bland or worse yet, flat out irritating like “Brian’s a Bad Father”.
  • Very good

    By Beantown Brawla 45
    Channing Tatum and Daniel bruel
  • Improvement

    By BMW1014
    Just trying to make the average rating a little higher
  • Life of Brian

    By Iceland310
    Family Guy makes their magnum opus episode with this season. Though get A Fistful of Meg, Quagmire's Quagmire, Chap Stewie and Christmas Guy as well, those are all good.
  • Advertisements shame on you

    By LittIeBear
    How dare you make me pay so you can put garbage at the beginning and end of the product I have bought as well as additional episodes of a product I halve no interesting in. Having paid a premium for Family Guy, you have the outrageous belief you have the right to add this tripe you should be paying me to have to suffer the BS you have added. Shame on you.
  • AD Previews!

    By Dolphins1518
    That's BS that every episode has previews before and after the show. If your going to try to promote your stuff on something we already paid for we should get a discount. It's total BS!
  • $49.99 are you smoking crack???

    By Fix this so it works
    How and why and who would spend this much on something you can't hold in you hand??? Unless you get it here and they mail you a copy this is still the worst deal lol....like why ???? Show is 5 star all the way!
  • Love Family Guy

    By EdwardBailie
    I love Family Guy, I watched all the seasons on Netflix. Also, relax guys Brian was dead for about 3 episodes only (I think)