Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Best of Both Worlds

Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Best of Both Worlds

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2013-09-03
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 10.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 14.99
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The powerful cliffhanger: The Best of Both Worlds Part 1 and 2 has been fully restored in brilliant 1080p HD and seamlessly edited together into one feature-length presentation...and the crew of the Enterprise is asked: How do you stop an unstoppable foe? The Enterprise team discovers the devastated remains of a Federation colony as an ambitious young officer joins the crew to confirm the presence of the deadly Borg. Soon after, Borg drones abduct Captain Picard, mutilating him horribly as they assimilate him into their collective. Commander Riker must take over as Enterprise captain as Steerfleet braces for an all-out battle to defend Earth. But the Borg's power proves overwhelming, and resistance is futile. Will Riker be forced to destroy his former captain to save Earth and the Federation?


Title Time Price
1 The Best of Both Worlds 1:25:59 Season Only Buy on iTunes


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  • Great

    By 7Seven ofNine9
    These two episodes are the best of TNG.
  • Great episode, way too pricey.

    By BreeInGilbertAZ
    $14.99 for a 2-part episode?? Sorry, iTunes.
  • Excellent episode

    By Nicola918
    To start... People who are complaining about the price, Apple does not set this - it's decided by the distributors, complain to them, don't leave infantile comments about switching to Samsung because of pricing. These reviews are to be about the material presented. As such, this is a classic episode arching season 3 to season 4 and highly recommended.
  • Really Over Priced!!!!!

    By eric49401
    Look its the same Price to buy the episode on Blu-ray!!! Where I was dissapointed was the fact that a digital copy should have come with the purchase of The Blu-ray. This is the best season finale of all time. It also looks awesome in HD!!!! I highly recommend these episodes however I would just purchase the season finale of season 3 and the season premiere of season 4 and spend of $6 instead of $15!!!
  • You’re Kidding, right iTunes?

    By TNT444
    Why sell this for $15 in HD & $11 in SD? I realize that it’s the theatrical re-edit, but I would only buy this for $3.99, as I would understand that price &/or as a season only episode for the Season 4 set. Same goes for Redemption. I’d only buy that as a part of the Season 5 set &/or for the price I listed up above. Figure this stuff out, iTunes. Put these things in the season packs the 2 parters end in, like I just mentioned. I won’t get this on here, unless they’re like that.
  • Best of the Series but $15 Paramount?

    By DjChadJohnson
    Dear readers and reviewers. Apple does not set the price of the content. Those who the content is licensed to choose the price. They also choose what they offer in terms of a package or season. Yes, this is milking us for what are probably 2 of the best episodes of Trek TV. I will admit $15 is a lot more attractive than the $70+ seasons of episodes I will probably watch once, maybe twice in my lifetime. Therefore I am simply buying my favorite episodes here and there for $3. So I will be happy to buy I and II for $3 each when available. Until then, there is Netflix.
  • Overpriced

    By robert3892
    This is two HD episodes thrown together. The price should not exceed 6 bucks. If additional CGI had been added or additional scenes put in then I might relent at the price but just wait for season 4 in HD and buy the two episodes for far cheaper than this.
  • Great Episodes

    By TWhite80
    While I think it is just another way to bilk the series for everything it is worth I did really enjoy the HD release of Best of Both Worlds I and II in this format. Easily one of the best cliff hangers in all of TV this was the series finale that everyone remembers. Thanks iTunes for making this available, the HD is awesome! Now about getting the other seasons on iTunes...
  • iTunes rip off

    By Goose esq
    Two episodes for $15? They could release season three but instead take to doing this. Great customer service folks... Between this and the train wreck that the iTunes software has become, I'm thinking a switch to Samsung may be in line.
  • 14.99? Seriously?

    By Psalm - 91
    This is not a mini series or a movie, just two episodes thrown together and full screen no less…..Keep your money